How do I change my printer to black and white?

This article discusses the steps to change a printer from color printing to black and white printing. First, check whether the printer has a dedicated black and white printing option. If it has, select it from the available printing options. If not, open the printer settings and look for a "grayscale" option. Then, select the printer preferences and look for the color and grayscale options. In the grayscale option, select the "black and white" option. Once the option is selected, click "apply" and the printer will only print in black and white. Lastly, test the printer to make sure the changes have been applied.

Written by

Benjamin Asherson, Feb, 12 2023

Why is my printer only printing yellow and blue?

This article explains the common issue of a printer only printing in yellow and blue. It explains that the issue is typically caused by the printer being set to only print in those two colors. It lists the steps to follow to change the printer setting to allow it to print in other colors. It also suggests that it could be an issue with the printer cartridge, which can be fixed by cleaning the cartridge or replacing it. Finally, it provides a link to a troubleshooting guide with further information. In summary, this article explains why a printer might only be printing in yellow and blue, and provides steps to fix the issue.

Written by

Jasper Trudeau, Feb, 12 2023